George Pritchett's Gibson L4C

From the fifties to the mid eighties George Pritchett was Milwaukee's premier jazz guitarist. I am fortunate to be able to perform with GeorgeGeorge Pritchett jazz guitarist Pritchett's old Gibson L4C. A vintage instrument that sounds better every year. It has been restored from it's original tattered condition having been left and forgotten in an attic where the roof leaked. It's sweet voice now rekindled and ready to sing.
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Keith Watling started his musical adventures being inspired by the love of music shown to him by his parents at a young age. At the age of nine he took up the piano and learned the written language of music.

Keith Wating Jazz Guitar In junior high school he took up the tenor saxophone and was inspired by the works of George Gershwin. The guitar came into his life when he was seventeen.

Keith has studied guitar at the Wisconsin Conservatoryof music where he received two scholarships.

He has studied with Jack Grassel, Bill Stone, Don Linke,Dick Eliot, Mark Davis, Berkely Fudge, and Barry Harris.

He has shared the stage with Melvin Rhyne, Brian Lynch, Dean Lea, Dan Schneck, Dick Eliot, Bill Sargent, Paul Spencer, with Mary and the Jazz guys.

His recent activity includes playing guitar in the Insouciant Trio, with Gare Hofstad on guitar and Rick Aaron on flute and the 4th Street Elevator well as performing many solo gigs.